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Folder Applications FAQ (3)
Joomla, Drupal, SMF, WordPress, Phpnuke related issues
Folder Billing Issues (1)
This section includes problems related to payments and billing.
Folder Databases (7)
MySQL, PostGreSQL configurations, issues, etc.
Folder Domain and DNS Issues (4)
DNS and domain name management, Private DNSes, Domain name problems, Domain name transfers etc.
Folder Email Issues (5)
Email account management, email sending and receiving, spam etc.
Folder FTP Issues (2)
FTP accounts management, Upload and download via FTP. Possible FTP problems - tips and tricks.
Folder General Support (3)
General support issues related to your hosting account.
Folder Pre-Sales questions (2)
Various questions before registering a hosting plan.
Folder Sales - General questions (1)
This section deals with various after-purchase and general questions.
Folder Shopping Carts (0)
E-Commerce Related Questions related to setup, configuration and use on our servers.
Folder Using cPanel (2)
Articles related to your cPanel User Interface.
Folder Using phpMyAdmin (0)
Articles related to using and working with phpMyAdmin
Folder Using VirtualMin/WebMin (1)
Control Panel for VPS
Folder Web Site Down (1)
I can not access my website, site errors, site slow, hacked websites etc.

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Article WordPress Plugins Recommendations
Our general advice for WordPress users is: "don't install dozens of plugins."  A good security plugin is a must have, and a good caching...
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Article Is it possible to change the default prefix of databases?
Yes you can ask us to change the database prefix. But in the case of backup/restore the cpanel script will not recognize the database name if...
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Article Protection from hacking
These days, more and more websites are being hacked due to several reasons.  Being hacked can cause your site to lose all of it's data if the...
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Article I changed DNS "X" hours ago but I cannot access my domain.
If you have changed the DNS and you cannot still access your domain then follow the above steps and try to access your domain after each...
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Article I cannot access my cPanel
Try to use this this url is not accessible to you, then contact us.
Views: 1648

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