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Do you have limits on Database size?
No there are no limits on database size as long as the total size of all data (files, databases,...
I have purchased hosting but databases are missing
If you have registered a hosting plan with us and you are trying to install or transfer your...
I need to install several Wordpress blogs but my plan has only 1 database
Sometimes more than one WordPress installation is necessary on a single site, each one using the...
Is it possible to change the default prefix of databases?
Yes you can ask us to change the database prefix. But in the case of backup/restore the...
What is the database hostname?
Host should be set to 'localhost' to access local database.
What is the MySQL IP address and port?
MySQL's IP address is the same with our server's IP: default port of MySQL is:...
Which is the maximum number of MySQL connections allowed?
The maximum number of MySQL connections allowed in the server is 500.

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