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HostWired's Automated 4 Level Backup System

In August, 2013, we introduced a new service for all web hosting clients – our 4 Level Automatic Backup System. This system does exactly as the name describes – it backs up your data automatically 4 different ways.  We have implemented this system because we felt it would greatly benefit our customers to know their data could be recoverable in the event of a catastrophic failure (i.e. their site gets hacked, they accidentally delete their data, or if they have a database crash, etc).   If these things happen to you, you will lose all of the hard work you've put into your website or losing months/years of your important data is the worst things that can happen to you online.  We've compared our backup system to other hosts, and we're confident we have one of the best backup systems out there.


Who is Protected With the Automated 4 Level Backup System?


Every client of HostWired is protected by this system. You are granted these backups free of charge, regardless of what hosting plan you have with us.  So if you're our customer, you can sleep a little better tonight, your data is safe.


How Does It Work?


Every night a backup file is generated of all your files, databases, and emails (basically everything you have put on your hosting account). That backup file is stored locally and securely.
Once a week, a totally separate backup is made of all your files, databases, and emails.
Once a month  another separate backup is made of all your files, databases, and emails.
Finally, every three months another backup is made.

Sometimes when you need a backup, a restoration to 24 hours ago may not resolve your problem. So you can get backups up to a week old, as well as up to 90 days old.
Alternatively, we offer a Remote Backup option at an additional charge that we can use to add a level of backup that will be stored on a separate server for an added 5th layer of protection.  To have our "Remote" backup added to your account at $2/month simply submit a support ticket.
The backup data is highly protected by firewalls and can only be directly accessed by us. This keeps your backups in a highly secure location.


How Do I Get These Backup Files?


Before requesting access to your secured 4 level backups, we ask that you please try to keep your own backups and use your own local backup files (they are stored in your cPanel account and updated when you click on the "Backups" icon). You can do this by logging into cPanel and clicking on the Backups icon.
If need the 4 level secure backup, simply submit a support ticket stating which backup file you need (daily, weekly, monthly or quartely). We will download it to your cPanel to make it available for you shortly after, or we will restore the full backup for you.


When Is This Automated Remote Backup Service Starting?


The service was launched on August 23th, 2013.


Important Legal Notices


Below are a few important items that we advise all of our clients to read and understand.

Download Your Own Backups

We strongly recommend all customers download a backup of their data occasionally and store it somewhere safe. While this new 4 Level Automated backup service should ensure your data can be recoverable, it is always highly recommended that you have a backup of your data stored somewhere.
All you need to do is login to cPanel, click on Backups, then click on ‘Generate or Download a Full Backup’. You’ll be given the current backups that are available and can select which one to download.
At the very minimum, you should be doing a full backup of your data every 30 days just to be safe.

Some Sites Not Included

In certain circumstances we have discovered that some websites do not generate backup files properly. This is usually the result of having unusual file permissions on your data. When possible, we will attempt to notify customers if their data has not been completely backed up and try to work with them to ensure their data is protected, however we strongly urge clients to download their own backup files in case this situation arises.


This 4 Level Automated backup service is a free bonus that we provide to all customers. We cannot guarantee the integrity of your data. While we will make every effort to protect your data, we make no guarantees and will not be held accountable if there is a problem with the integrity of your backup files.


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